career transition and life coaching for physicians

Video  interviews with Dr. Moskowitz

DOCTOR’S CHANNEL.  Advice for Physicians on Personal and Professional Growth:  Discovering One’s Purpose

Dr. Peter S. Moskowitz comments on the importance of purpose to doctor’s personal and career satisfaction.

Understanding Career Theory and Medical Transitions

Dr. Peter S. Moskowitz discusses the four stages of medical careers and the two types of medical career transitions.

Doctor Burnout

Dr.  Peter S. Moskowitz interviewed by KTVU San Jose CA on the topic of Doctor Burnout


Defining Work-Life Balance

DIAGNOSTIC IMAGING MAGAZINE interview with Dr. Peter S. Moskowitz, discussing strategies for physicians toachieve work-life balance

Why You Should Choose Dr. Peter Moskowitz for Your Organization’s Next Meeting / Event

Dr. Peter S. Moskowtiz discusses his physician coaching background, training and experience and how they inform his keynotes and workshops.

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  Phone: (650) 329 - 0297

  Web: Center for Professional and Personal Renewal

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