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I am thrilled to announce the publication of my new book, co-edited with three others, devoted to the comprehensive discussion of career and practice self-management for physicians. The Three Stages of A Physician’s Career: Navigating from Training to Beyond Retirement is in-press at Greenbranch Publishing, and can now be ordered online. See the flyer, below, for pricing and […]

Q and A with Coach PETER about CAREER TRANSITIO...

coach moskowitz

Q. What do I tell physicians to think about as they plan for a caree transition? A. It is important for a physician contemplating a career transition to have certain important elements of self-understanding. These five elements of self-understanding include the following: What is your Purpose? What are your Motivated Skills? What are you Passionate about with respect […]

How to have a HEALTHY KITCHEN and a HEALTHY LIF...

It seems that Spring is in the air everywhere. Very unusually warm weather in the Mid West and the East coast the past several weeks.  Perhaps another sign of Global Warming?  Or is it  more properly, Global “Warning”?  I hope everyone is doing whatever is reasonable to reduce your carbon footprint on the planet. There is […]

How March Madness is like Career Coaching

career coaching

Even if you are not a basketball fan, there is much to learn about life and professional career transitions by watching MARCH MADNESS. It seems to me that success at careers/career transitions and success at college basketball share some important commonalities:

Acceptance and Connection

yoga to deal with change

The sun is definitely sitting much lower in the sky these days, and on this Saturday afternoon at 4 PM, everything takes on a golden hue. That tells me we have moved into Autumn. Several of the deciduous trees on my block are beginning to turn a variety of lovely reds and yellows. The nights […]

An Old Doc’s Reflections on Retirement

reflections on retirement old doc

What follows below is my musing at year end about the past 12 months of my life. My first year of “retirement”, and what lessons I have learned. I hope you find it meaningful and thought-provoking. AN OLD DOC’S REFLECTIONS ON RETIREMENT It is odd the way my first year of retirement has unfolded. A […]

Non-Clinical Career Transitions: Solving the M...

money career transitions

I would like to share with you the personal story of one of my coaching clients.  This story provides an excellent lesson about the financial challenges of making career transitions to a non-clinical career.  It’s a lesson from which everyone can benefit. Dr. X came to seek CPPR coaching several years ago in an advanced […]

Life’s Lessons from the Superbowl

Whether you are a football fan or not, yesterday’s Superbowl game between the New England Patriots and the Seattle SeaHawks was both exciting and entertaining! Talk about a game that went right down to the wire! It’s a shame that one team had to lose. Then again, there’s always something to learn from such a […]

Have You Clarified Your Career Calling?

I just returned from an excellent four-day Advanced Coaching Seminar at the Hudson Institute. It was a great opportunity to recharge my batteries and learn new things to improve my coaching work. Santa Barbara was warm and luscious. I was particularly impressed with the lectures by the author, coach and seminar leader, Richard Leider of the […]

Gathering Storm Clouds Suggest the Need for a C...

Recent studies document that between 50 to 55 % of US diagnostic radiologists and trainees admit to symptoms of professional burnout.  Increasing numbers of diagnostic radiologists are seeking career coaching services, exploring new non-clinical careers, and leaving practice situations or residency programs.  The 2015 Radiology residency matching program saw 15% of residency slots go unfilled, […]

Radiologists are Burning Out

Radiologists are among the top 10 most burned out physicians, according to Medscape’s 2015 Physician Lifestyle Report. In seventh place—right behind internal medicine, general surgery, and infectious diseases—the report found that 49% of radiologists felt burned out. The figure is a significant increase from last year’s Physician Lifestyle Report, where radiology ranked low on the list at number 18.

Keynote Speech at SEAK 2015

non-clinical careers for physicians - seak conference 2015

“HOW TO SUCCESSFULLY TRANSITION TO YOUR NEW NON-CLINICAL CAREER” Are you thinking of a career transition out of clinical medicine?  Not sure how or where to begin? Paralyzed by fear?  Not sure you are qualified for ANYTHING other than what you are currently doing in Clinical Medicine? Or are you simply curious about “what’s out […]

order dapoxetine online