career transition and life coaching for physicians

Coaching isn’t Counseling


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Coaching, on the other hand, is forward thinking, not backward looking. Good coaching unlocks the client’s own inner wisdom. Coaches use probing questions, deep listening, empathy, and specific tools to unlock the client’s deepest values, purpose, passions, and skills. Coaches then help clients to use this self-understanding in a proactive way to create future scenarios for career and living which are dynamic, supportive of their deepest values, and filled with renewed passion and energy. These scenarios are created by the client, not the coach, the wisdom comes from within the client. Next, coaches help client’s develop specific plans of action to initiate their new vision(s)s, complete with specific action steps, timelines, and support systems. The coach often provides resource information and networking ideas. Finally, coaches help clients successfully fulfill their visions through the use of accountability.