career transition and life coaching for physicians

Who Seeks Coaching

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While career and life coaching for top executives (executive coaching) is so well established that the CEO’s of virtually every Fortune 500 company make use of personal coaches to help them succeed, the concept of using a personal coach to promote success among healthcare professionals has been much slower to develop and mature. Certainly there are similarities between CEO’s and healthcare professionals. Both are highly educated, team leaders, and are expected to function highly despite increasing stress in the workplace and expectations that they perform better and faster. In truth, nearly all healthcare professionals could benefit from life and career coaching!

Which MD’s seek out a career and life coach?
  • Professionals who find themselves increasingly unhappy at work without a clear understanding of why, or what to do about it.
  • Professionals who experience repeating thoughts, dreams, or nightmares about the need to find a new job or a new career.
  • Professionals who wake up in the morning and find their first thought is, “Oh damn, I’ve got to go into the (hospital) office again!”
  • Professionals who have made a decision to leave their current job, but do not know to what, or how or when to proceed.
  • As above, and who think that they have no skills or abilities to do anything other than exactly what they are currently doing.
  • Professionals who recognize that they need help to achieve better balance between the professional and the personal aspects of their lives, or that they have “no life” at all outside of work.
  • Professionals who are feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, constantly angry, depressed, or having relationship problems with co-workers, patients, or family.
  • Professionals who desire a better personal plan for the allocation of their strategic resources: their time and their money.
  • Professionals who anticipate retirement, or other major job or career transitions and want a sensible plan for success, and someone to mentor them and hold them accountable.
  • Health professionals-in-training who are nagged by worries that they have made the wrong career choice, picked the wrong field for specialization, or want to make a new choice and need a confidential mentor to help them work it out.
  • Healthcare executives who desire a coach for personal and professional growth, or who want support in creating and successfully initiating a leadership vision for their organization.
  • Organizations which recognize the stresses and challenges of contemporary practice settings, wish to retain employees and partners, and have their members informed of and by the newest techniques for maximizing personal and professional happiness.
  • Organizations which are experiencing problems with disruptive behavior from their professionals, seek management strategies to deal with it, and/or resources for coaching the disruptive professional to new patterns of acceptable behavior.