career transition and life coaching for physicians

Testimonials from Physicians

The best test of the value of coaching services is a happy client. Below you will find the comments of both satisfied individual physician coaching clients as well as comments from satisfied organizations for whom I have provided a CPPR Presentation or Workshop(s).

Diagnostic Radiology and Osteopathic Neuro-musculoskeletal Medicine

“I can’t say enough good things about Dr. Peter Moskowitz. A talented listener, he helped  me navigate a difficult mid-career transition from diagnostic radiology to osteopathic manual medicine. He helped me gain clarity on goals for my future practice and helped me see and explore aspects of the transition that I wasn’t appreciating. For the first time in a long time, I’m excited to go to work and have the practice I’ve always wanted.Thanks for what you do, Peter!”

Mathew Evitts, D.O.
Corvallis, Oregon

Pediatric Rhueumatologist

I initially contacted Peter during a period of significant frustration with my career.  My frustration was overwhelming the satisfaction that I once derived from patient interactions.  I was considering leaving my position.

Peter proved to be an incredible resource and career coach. He helped me focus on the things I prioritize in terms of career satisfaction. He helped me to see the ways in which my current position met many of my needs, but also encouraged and guided me to find ways to make my current position more rewarding. His soothing nature and calming voice helped me to let go of the things in my current job that are not in my control to change, but at the same time make changes that have been incredibly rewarding.

Three years later, I am now chief of our division and it is wonderful. I feel energized,  appreciated, and inspired to be the best leader I can be.  I’m making positive changes, being a good mentor to younger colleagues, and building a strong team.  I have received a lot of positive feedback from my staff, nurses, colleagues,  the chair of pediatrics, and the president of our practice plan.

When I think about where I was 3 years ago and how things could have gone had I not reached out to Peter, I can’t believe it.  Thank you again for the huge part you played in helping me turn my career around!

Barbara Edelheit, M.D.
Glastonbury, CT.

Diagnostic Radiologist

With spot on advice and gentle encouragement, Peter helped me define my life goals and develop a path to achieving them.  Peter is a gifted listener and he skillfully guided me through my career transition.  Our coaching sessions were always productive and Peter helped me overcome the fear and anxiety of a career transition.  With Peter’s help, I was able to take the leap and I am now enjoying all of the fun of my new career.  As a radiologist, I related to Peter on a professional level, but more importantly, I related to Peter because of his caring, calm and compassionate personality. Peter is top notch and I am extremely grateful to have worked with him as my career/life coach.  Highest recommendation!

Rob Milman, M.D.
Austin, Texas

Obstetrician – Gynecologist

“I began working with Peter after leaving a dissatisfying practice situation. I had no clear plan what to do next or how to figure it out. I googled “physician career transition”, and CPPR was at the top of the list. Working with Peter I was able to clarify my values and goals, search out various new career options, and ultimately set up a successful consulting practice in healthcare advocacy that I find incredibly fulfilling.

My life is on an upward trajectory now, both career-wise, physically, and spiritually. This transition could not have been accomplished without the help of three people who I call the three saints. One of them is “St. Peter” Moskowitz.”

Owner and Founder
Healthcare Advocacy Partners, LLC
Seattle Washington


“After relocating my family to accept a ‘near-perfect’ job with a radiology group, I found myself increasingly unhappy in a work environment that wasn’t a good fit. I was physically exhausted, psychologically frazzled and emotionally on edge. I felt trapped and without any viable options.

“Thankfully, I discovered Peter Moskowitz, MD and the Center for Professional and Personal Renewal. Peter’s superb communication skills and coaching techniques, coupled with his experiential understanding of the world of medicine, created a highly effective coaching environment. With Dr. Moskowitz’s guidance, I was able to leave my practice and create opportunities for myself that are in accord with my professional and personal goals.

“I recommend him without reservation to all individuals, especially healthcare professionals, who desire more balanced and fulfilling professional and personal lives.”

Diane Newton, MD
Diagnostic Radiologist

Resident Physician

“In addition to his extensive experience coaching practicing physicians, Peter also has a wise and invaluable perspective for those just starting out, as I was when I began working with him in my last year of training. With his guidance, I have ended up very satisfied in a position and practice that fits in perfectly with the big picture of my life. Somewhere between residency and independent practice, we have to learn a great deal about practicing medicine that is not taught in the traditional medical school or residency curriculum. Peter skillfully stepped in where my formal education left off. No matter where you are in your career and personal life, if you find yourself wondering what your next step should be and feel ill equipped to answer that question, I highly recommend contacting Peter as your next best step.”

Resident Physician, New Jersey


“Going to see Peter Moskowitz was one of the best things I did while deciding to leave clinical pediatrics. His practical suggestions helped me focus on my own desires and skills and take the steps necessary to identify what I wanted to do and how to do it. He encouraged me to talk with people in the fields I was considering and even found me useful contacts in those areas himself.

“I am now an epidemiologist interviewer for the California Department of Health Services and a published writer of fiction, poetry and creative nonfiction, some of which can be viewed at I am so much happier and healthier than when I was working for an HMO. Peter’s wonderful combination of good sense, practical coaching skills, sensitivity and caring helped me make the transition to a much more satisfying life.”

Jan Steckel, MD

Professor of Pediatric Surgery

“Facing the challenges of balancing my career in academic surgery with my overriding commitment to my growing family, I sought the counsel of Dr. Peter Moskowitz and CPPR. I probably never would have considered utilizing a career coach/counselor had I not had the good fortune to encounter one of Peter’s former clients. Like many physicians, I considered it my ‘responsibility’ to work through these issues on my own. I was not even aware that assistance was available. “From my interactions with Peter and CPPR, I learned the value of receiving input from an objective individual who has the training and expertise to help physicians manage our opportunities and challenges. Peter could not have been more understanding of my needs and accommodating to my very challenging schedule. My discussions with Peter helped me negotiate a decision to accept a position at a different university and to craft a plan which allowed me achieve a better balance between my professional and personal goals. Peter has lived the life of both an academic and private practice physician and is remarkably skilled at combining this life experience with his training as a coach to help clients.

“I have great personal and professional respect for Dr. Moskowitz and would most enthusiastically recommend his services to any physician seeking a better perspective on his / her life.”

R. Lawrence Moss, MD
Professor of Pediatric Surgery
Nationwide Children’s Hospital
Columbus, Ohio 43205

University Research Scientist

Even though I had invested so much time obtaining my PhD and MD, I made the difficult decision to stay at home with my three children while they were young. Many years later, I was ready to reignite my career. Not knowing what to expect, I was hesitant to enlist the help of a career coach, but consulting with Peter Moslowitz was one of the best decisions I have ever made. Peter is incredible.

Not wanting to re-enter clinical medicine, I asked Peter for help to brainstorm all the possible career opportunities. Ultimately, he encouraged me to follow my passion in a research field that had greatly impacted my personal life. Through his guidance and encouragement, I was able to obtain my dream research position at Stanford University. I couldn’t be happier or more fulfilled with the outcome. Throughout our coaching, he also addressed the important issues of work/life balance, financial planning and personal satisfaction.

Peter is both an extremely talented career coach and a very nice person, such that he made my Skype sessions with him both productive and enjoyable. I can’t imagine a better choice of a career coach. If you are looking for guidance in making positive changes in your career, I would not hesitate to enlist his help.

MP, M.D. ,Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Family Practice Physician

You have helped me in so many ways. Basically you turned a situation which seemed hopeless into a watershed of opportunity. I learned a great deal from you about options that were available to me for my career transition. Importantly, you made me aware that I was not alone in making a medical career transition. I knew that if your other clients could make a successful transition, then so could I. The encouragement you provided along the way made me persevere when all I really wanted to do was lay in bed and give up.”

“Our SKYPE meetings have kept me enthusiastic about my career options. the homework has always been helpful and pertinent to the stage of transition I was in at the time. It helps someone like myself in a stressful situation to be around someone who is always personable and upbeat. It has helped me stay positive and optimistic.”

The help you provided in getting my CV revised has been wonderful. I am so lucky to be working with someone who has such extensive experience evaluating physicians’ CV’s. Helping to prepare me for job interviews and to screen potential job opportunities is something I have very much needed.

I have been through a roller coaster of emotions through which you have been very understanding and supportive. You cared about my health and well being, making sure I got what I needed to sustain them. In the process you taught me much about healing myself from burnout.”

“I couldn’t be more pleased than to have had you as my coach. Thank you!”

Lynn Tompkins, M.D.
Family Practice Physician


Peter helped me to understand why I chose medicine as a profession. By decreasing the negatives and increasing the positives, I have been able to continue practicing with much greater contentment and inner peace.

“Peter also has helped to enrich the other aspects of my life, such as my friendships, my physical well-being, and my spiritual activities. The net effect has been to make my life happier and more fulfilling. “CPPR coaching was the best investment I ever made. Spending several thousand dollars on coaching enabled me to continue practicing for another 10 years. Where else can you get that kind of return on investment?”

Gary S. Weinstein, MD
Oculoplastic Surgeon

Internal Medicine Specialist

Since our work together, much has changed in my life for the better. You were instrumental in helping me find what I needed to do to feel better about my life, my relationships, and my professional aspirations. You also gave me the courage to go out and accomplish it! Thanks again for your help; my life is transformed and I feel fortunate.

Melissa Olken, M.D., Ph.D.
Internal Medicine Specialist
Portage, Michigan


Just a little note to say hi and to thank you for all you have done for me. I am doing well, feeling great and with energy to carry on. I have shared some of what I learned from you with other colleagues, and I often speak highly of you. I pray that you are doing well, and that you continue to shine the light of wellness on the many “healers” who are seeking guidance and coaching.

Gerado Rodriquez, M.D.
Reno, Nevada

Family Medicine

I met with you briefly for a one-on-one mentoring conversation during the 2016 SEAK Non-Clinical Careers Conference. I just wanted to drop a brief note of thanks. You gave me some wonderful ideas. The one I’m most excited about is travel medicine opportunities and thanks to your recommendations I have established contact with various travel companies you recommended. I’m excited to pursue opportunities in that field, and again just want to thank you as just a brief talk with you helped clarify my passions and ways to combine it with medicine. Take care!

Derek Richardson, M.D.
Chapel Hill, N.C.

Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist

There are many times each month where I wish I had your input for certain events or situations. I look forward to each of our sessions; each one is so valuable. You give great insight and ideas into my life situations. While always helpful to me in the short term, I’ll bet our work together will trickle into the future for many years to come.

Bethany Commons, CRNA
Southlake, Texas