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Creating the Career and Life of Your Dreams

Chances are you have assumed that your work determines your lifestyle and your choices.

Most physicians do. If you are happy with your practice, your private life, and the way you manage both, you are both fortunate and increasingly uncommon.For those who are not, in this engaging presentation Dr. Moskowitz will suggest effective strategies to break out of your doldrums, get unstuck, and start moving towards what you truly desire in your career and private life. He’ll discuss strategies for managing change, the three types of career transitions, and smart action steps to help you successfully navigate a transition towards a better, more fulfilling life. The talk is illustrated with real-life stories from his career and life coaching practice.

Managing Your Vital Resources: Your Time and Money
Effective career and life planning require wise use of your basic resources. For busy healthcare professionals, the two most crucial resources are personal time and money. Dr. Moskowitz discusses how both of these resources are often mismanaged by overextended physicians. You will learn a simple yet effective method for values-based time management, then use it to reassess how you spend your time, so you can realign your time to better reflect your personal values and priorities. Dr. Moskowitz will also introduce you to a financial planning framework for values-based financial management, which you can use to take charge of your money and guarantee that you spend it in better alignment with your personal and family values and goals. We encourage physicians to bring their life partners to this presentation.
Physician Renewal: The Importance of Life Balance
High levels of stress and pandemic professional burnout have increasingly become a part of the practice of medicine over the past decade. In this presentation, Dr.Moskowitz discusses the stress cycle, the stages of burnout, and which external and internal factors contribute most to these problems. Effective solutions require a personal understanding of and a commitment to personal career — life balance. They are, unfortunately, commonly missing from the coping strategies of most physicians. Dr. Moskowitz defines the six domains of life balance and how, together, they comprise the single most effective strategy to combat professional burnout. This presentation emphasizes simple and practical strategies to acquire balance between professional commitments and your private life. The result is improved physical, emotional, and spiritual health and increased career satisfaction.
Planning for Physician Career Transitions: Shift Happens
Are you contemplating making a change in how you practice, where you practice, or perhaps moving to part-time practice, a new non-medical career, or retirement? More than 50 % of physicians aged 50 and over are answering “yes” to this question today. In this presentation, Dr. Moskowitz reviews the Cycle of Renewal , essential elements of contemporary career theory, and reveals the two primary career transition strategies. He will also discuss the three stages within a career transition, the specific challenges and tasks you face in each stage, pitfalls to avoid, and keys to a successful transition, all illustrated with examples from his work with physicians during their career transitions. We encourage physicians to bring their life partners to this presentation.
Surviving and Thriving in the Medical Marriage
The challenges facing healthcare professionals today impact more than their professional lives. For the majority, the stresses extend to their primary relationships with spouses, partners, and family members. These relationships provide unique challenges for both the physician and their partners. In this presentation, Dr. Moskowitz reviews the challenges facing both of the partners in a medical marriage. He uses humorous anecdotes from his own 46 year marriage, as well as from his physician coaching practice, to illustrate his points. We encourage physicians to bring their life partners to this presentation.
Renewing Your Academic Career
Historically, physicians in academic medicine are more satisfied with their careers than those in private practice, but the pressures and challenges unique to academic life suggest the need for renewal strategies tailored to academic physicians. In this presentation, Dr. Moskowitz discusses factors influencing academic career satisfaction, the Cycle of Renewal as a model for academic career change, techniques to better balance academic career demands with your private life, how to align your personal values with those of your institution, and how to develop and use mentoring and networking.
Surviving Medical School, Internship, and Residency: Everything They Never Teach You
American physicians face an unprecedented epidemic of career dissatisfaction and professional burnout. Although the responsible factors are numerous and complex, there are a number of factors that physicians in this cohort share. In this presentation, Dr. Moskowitz reviews the factors responsible for physician career satisfaction and dissatisfaction. He discusses the personality profile of a typical physician in relationship to career satisfaction and how it is both an advantage and a disadvantage. He defines the stages of professional burnout and illustrates with real-life examples from coaching physicians at this stage of their careers. Then he discusses effective strategies for managing stress, balancing work and studies with fun, and keeping the pressures of training and personal relationships in proper perspective. This presentation is especially valuable for medical students, house officers, and their life partners or significant others.
How to Find the Perfect Job: What You Don’t Learn in Residency
Contemporary medical training superbly prepares young physicians for the practice of scientific medicine. Few training programs provide equally useful and state-of-the-art preparation for finding and negotiating a first job. In this practical and popular presentation oriented towards interns, residents, and fellows, Dr. Moskowitz reviews successful job hunting strategies, including job search resources for private and academic practice, curriculum vitae preparation, interviewing skills, contracts and negotiating, and common mistakes to avoid in the process of choosing the right job for you. The talk is illustrated with stories from his physician coaching practice and his 44 years of personal experience in both the private and academic sectors of American healthcare.