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Privacy Policy

Any information which you provide to me, including your name, specialty, email address, phone number, mailing address, and any other information which might serve to identify you as a client of CPPR will be protected to the extent permitted by law from discovery by other websites or individuals online or otherwise. I will never provide your personal information to anyone or any organization without your prior informed consent, or use it for marketing or sales purposes.

The information about your life, your relationships, your medical practice, and the circumstances which brought you to consult me are strictly confidential, just as they would be under the HIPPA mandates. I consider all of your personal information to be as confidential as a medical record. My notes from coaching sessions with you are maintained in a personal file with your name, which is kept in a locked cabinet in my office. No one but myself has access to that locked cabinet. Your records are removed from my filing system and destroyed if there has been no activity in the preceding seven years.

Ethics, Professional Standards, and Disclaimer/Liability

The Center for Professional and Personal Renewal provides client services in accordance with the ethical guidelines and standards of practice of such organizations as the American Counseling Association and the International Coaching Federation. The Center will not engage in guarantees, promises, exorbitant fees, or breeches of confidentiality.

Client disclosure is protected legally and ethically as discussed in the privacy policy, above, with certain limitations and exceptions. Information related to your coaching interactions is confidential unless disclosure is in the best interest of the client, is required for the welfare of others, or is required by law. It is understood that the Center must take appropriate action when given reasonable cause, through disclosure by the client, that in his/her professional role he/she is acting in an unethical or illegal manner regarding the welfare and safety of patients. When disclosure is required for any reason, only information that is essential will be revealed and you will be informed of such disclosure(s) in advance. Written consent must be obtained to disclose information or transfer records to third parties, unless the above exceptions exist. For your benefit, as your coach I may at times seek consultation with other professionals regarding you. At no time or under any circumstances would I discuss you using your name, contact information, or any other information that would serve to identify you without your prior permission.

Clients of the Center accept that Dr. Peter Moskowitz is a career transition and life coach, and not a psychotherapist or certified financial planner. Physician coaching is not directive advice, counseling, or psychotherapy. Appropriate referrals to other professionals, if needed, will be provided upon request or when deemed necessary by me. The Center and Dr. Moskowitz are not liable in any way for your choices and decisions, or for your well-being before, during, or after our coaching interactions. The Center and Dr. Moskowitz make no guarantees, promises, or provisions for immediate solutions with respect to life or career circumstances. It is understood by both CPPR clients and Dr. Moskowitz that clients are paying for coaching services rendered, and not for specific results.


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