career transition and life coaching for physicians

Coaching for Individuals

Dr Peter Moskowitz SEAKI offer career and life coaching to physicians and other healthcare professionals in person, by phone, and online using SKYPE. Coaching contracts are client-focused and individually negotiated, based upon the issues, needs, and special circumstances of each client.


Typical coaching issues include:

  • planning for career transitions to new non-clinical careers
  • planning for transitions to new clinical (non-patient-care) careers
  • re-engineering your current work in relation to satisfaction, stressors, and obstacles
  • implement a plan to deal with workplace age, gender, or performance discrimination
  • implementing strategies for improved work-life balance
  • support, strategies, tools, and maps to recover from professional burnout
  • re-evaluating priorities in one’s personal and/or professional life
  • strategies for managing the stress of malpractice litigation
  • strategies for improving career resilience
  • planning for retirement from clinical practice, and how to “protire”
  • life coaching to improve the performance of “disruptive” physicians
  • support for academic physicians facing conflicts at work, promotion and/or relocation issues
  • support for physicians in early 12-step recovery as they plan to re-enter clinical practice


Individual coaching is typically conducted once every two weeks in hourly sessions. My fee schedule is based upon hourly coaching contact and will be shared with you in a one-to-one telephone consultation, or face-to-face consultation. Coaching appointments can be arranged to meet the special time requirements of busy physicians and other healthcare professionals. Evening appointments are plentiful. All clients are expected to complete a detailed, confidential CPPR Career-Life Survey which helps to clarify your coaching agenda.

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  Phone: (650) 329 - 0297

  Web: Center for Professional and Personal Renewal

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