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Testimonials from Organizations

The best test of the value of coaching services is a happy client. Below you will find the comments of both satisfied individual physician coaching clients as well as comments from satisfied organizations for whom I have provided a CPPR Presentation or Workshop(s).

Margulis Society Alumnus

“Peter, your Margulis Society Alumnus Lecture at UCSF Radiology was 100% on the mark, and clearly communicated the keen insight that you have gained throughyour “portfolio “ experience as a diagnostic radiologist and career coach. Congratulations. I hope that we as a field can fight burnout using the extremely poignant individual and institutional action items that you outlined in your presentation.

I wanted to express my personal thanks for delivering this highlly valued and timely talk to our department and our alumni network. Looking at the audience, you drew a group that clearly crossed many generations of UCSF Radiology. I personally learned a lot that I hope to incorporate into the future vision for the Department
at UCSF.

Christopher Hess, M.D., Ph.D.
Alexander Margulis Distinguished Professor and Chair
UCSF Department of Radiology and Biomedical Imaging

Baylor College of Medicine

Baylor College of Medicine

Excellence in Education Since 1980

seak_logo“Peter Moskowitz, MD was a keynote speaker at our NATIONAL NON-CLINICAL CAREERS FOR PHYSICIANS CONFERENCE in Chicago in October 2013.   In my 33 years of putting on national medical conferences, he was one of the two to three most outstanding speakers I have had the pleasure of listening to.  He was passionate, well organized, a pleasure to deal with, and reached into the heart and soul of each and every one of the 300 physicians in attendance.  We were so pleased with his presentation that we have invited him back to mentor other physicians for the 2014 conference.”

Steven Babitsky, Esq.
Seak, Inc.


Society of Chairs of Radiology in Children’s Hospitals

“On behalf of SCORCH, thank you for the workshop that you presented at our annual meeting in Chicago on October 18, 2012.

The workshop, “Maximizing Your Leadership Effectiveness:  Values-Based Career and Life Planning” was a perfect fit for our group of department leaders in the field of pediatric radiology.  The presentation was balanced, interactive and engaging.  The workshop format with intermittent use of small group discussions worked very well to keep the group involved and encouraged dialog and ideas.

As physician leaders, members of SCORCH are extremely busy with many  demands on our professional and personal time.  In addition, we oversee faculty groups with young, highly motivated professionals.  The discussions of strategies for time management and achieving balance were very timely and practical.  For our group we can use these skills not just for ourselves, but also, importantly, as we mentor and guide our developing young faculty members.  Discussions on mentoring and leadership also offered sound, practical advice.

The members of SCORCH greatly appreciate your time and your passion in delivering this workshop to our group.  Wishing you continued success.

Peter J. Stouse, M.D.
Society of Chairs of Radiology at Children’s Hospitals (SCORCH)


Primary Children’s Medical Center

spr“Dr Peter Moskowitz has in the past five years contributed substantially to the success of workshop programming at the annual Society for Pediatric Radiology meetings. He has contributed insight into the manpower crisis within our field of pediatric radiology and has taught insightfully on Balancing Work and Life. Most recently at the 2005 Society for Pediatric Radiology (SPR) meeting in New Orleans, Dr. Moskowitz offered a sought after workshop titled: Utilizing Your Vital Resources: Values-based Time and Money Management.
“As a past workshop coordinator for the SPR, I can say that Peter’s workshops have been standing room only and participants leave his sessions with high praise. I believe that Peter’s programs resonate with physicians because he understands their challenges, stresses, strengths, and weaknesses. He speaks from a deep background of experience and does so with tolerance and compassion.

“I am confident that every physician group and organization can benefit from the wisdom Peter has to offer. The question has often been asked, ‘Who helps the helper?’ I believe that Dr. Peter Moskowitz is one of the skilled helpers we are so in need of hearing.”

Gary L. Hedlund, D.O., Chairman, Department of Medical Imaging
Primary Children’s Medical Center, Salt Lake City, Utah


Stanford University

stanford“Peter’s presentation ‘The Disruptive Individual in Hospital and Medical Staff Relations’ was very well-received by conference attendees, consistently receiving top scores on the course evaluation forms for both content and delivery. Specifically, conference attendees remarked that Peter was ‘entertaining and informative,’ that Peter’s data was ‘fascinating,’ and that overall, Peter’s presentation was ‘excellent.’

“The Center for Psychiatry and the Law at Stanford University School of Medicine was very fortunate to have Peter as apart of the program. We thank Peter for enriching the learning experience of all conference attendees. We hope that Peter will consider participating in future Center for Psychiatry and the Law educational events.

“Again, Peter, thank you for your wonderful presentation.”
James Missett, MD, PhD


California Medical Associations

CMA Logo“Dr. Moskowitz has presented three workshops at our leadership conferences, all dealing with physician renewal and medical practice transition issues. The presentations were of great interest and were highly rated by attendees, many of whom expressed a desire to bring him back for more. We expect to do just that.”

Roger J. Purdy
Associate Vice President and Director
California Medical Association Leadership Academy