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Articles by Dr. Moskowitz

Life balance

The Value Proposition of Personal Coaching
The California Emergency Physicians Medical Group Newsletter
February 2005

Life Choices: Part-Time Practice Benefits Groups, Physicians
Diagnostic Imaging, July 2002 (requires registration)
By Dr. Peter S. Moskowitz
Changing circumstances present new challenge to radiology groups

Living on Borrowed Time
Family Practice Management, February 2001
By Peter S. Moskowitz, MD
Achieving life balance requires skills that are not part of the training most physicians receive. This time-management exercise will show you exactly where you’re spending the 168 hours of your week.

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Physician Renewal: The Importance of Life Balance
Career Planning and Adult Development Journal, Vol. 14, No. 1, pp. 81–92, Spring l998
By Peter S. Moskowitz, MD
Includes tips on why physicians have extra difficulty leading balanced lives, how to achieve balance and pitfalls

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Medical career issues

Gathering Storm Clouds Suggest the Need for a Culture
Change in Radiology: Radiologist-centered Imaging.
In my Opinion.

By Moskowitz, PS
Radiology July 2015:276 (1): 3-11

Generational Conflicts Challenge Physician Groups
The Medical Post,
February 8, 2005, Vol 41, Issue 06

Career Satisfaction Declines Precipitously among Radiologists
Diagnositc Imagaging, March 2001
By Peter S. Moskowitz, MD, and Monica Johnston
Survey finds unhealthy coping strategies for stresses brought on by changing work environment

Stress and burnout

Beyond Substance Abuse: Stress, Burnout, and Depression as Causes of Physician Impairment and Disruptive Behavior.
Letter-to-the Editor.
Journal of the American College of Radiology
By Peter S. Moskowitz, MD
7: 313-314.  April, 2010.

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Responding to the Challenges of Stress and Burnout
Diagnostic Imaging, December 1999
By Peter S. Moskowitz, MD
The financial failures of physician-owned HMOs in the wake of managed care have further demoralized physicians in the U.S.