Since 1997, the Center for Professional and Personal Renewal (CPPR) has been helping healthcare professionals execute transformative strategies in their careers and lives. CPPR has since earned a national reputation, both for one-on-one coaching and workshops that help professionals manage change.

Peter S. Moskowitz, MD, Founder and Executive Director of the Center for Professional & Personal Renewal, and Clinical
of Radiology at Stanford University School of Medicine, is widely recognized as a leader in the field of physician career and life management, wellness education, and career transition planning. A skilled career and life coach trained and certified at the prestigious Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, he has coached hundreds of physicians and other healthcare professionals since 1997. He is particularly interested in issues of career and life balance, medical career transitions, stress and burnout management, the disruptive physician, and career planning for

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  Are you fed up or burned out, or just feeling you're reaching that point? Thinking of a practice transition or retirement? I can help you think through your options, both within your current situation or in an alternative career. Start with the coaching for individuals or career resources section for more.
  Are you concerned about retaining your people and keeping them happy, motivated and productive? We can help you do that through a customized workshop, a seminar with a panel of experts, or private consultation. You'll get practical strategies that you can start applying immediately. You'll find more specific details in the workshops & presentations section, including feedback from sponsors and participants.


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