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CPPR Announces New Book on Physician Career Management

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my new book, co-edited with three others, devoted to the comprehensive discussion of career and practice self-management for physicians.

The Three Stages of A Physician’s Career: Navigating from Training to Beyond Retirement is in-press at Greenbranch Publishing, and can now be ordered online. See the flyer, below, for pricing and ordering information. The book should be in the mail by the end of March, 2017.

The book offers the most comprehensive review of career and practice self-management principles for physicians available anywhere. You will want to have it as a resource, and you will no doubt refer to it regularly.

The book is divided into three sections: a. The Early Career Physician, The Mid Career Physician, and c. The Late Career Physician.

The Early Career Physician section includes discussions of the principles of career dynamics; a primer for choosing a specialty while in medical school; how to land your first job; understanding physician employment agreements; establishing legal and financial teams and an insurance plan to insure your future; how to renew yourself and the principles of work-life balance both while still in training and later in practice; and how to manage a medical career transition.

The Mid Career Physician section includes discussions of how to create, grow, and market a new practice; the principles of risk management, estate planning, and investing; understanding retirement plans; and managing malpractice, disability, and impairment should they occur.

The Late Career Physician section includes discussions of how to begin thinking about and planning for retirement; how to sell your practice; late career estate and practice priorities; and finally deciding what comes next: enjoying life after retirement.

My co-authors include Neil Baum, MD, a retired urologist and widely published authority on practice management, Joel M Blau, CFP and Ron Paprocki, JD, CFP, both of Mediqus Asset Advisors in Chicago. Joel and Ron have decades of experience providing both personal financial and practice financial planning for physicians.

I am very proud of this new book and hope that you find it both valuable and empowering.



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