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It’s Autumn Season: Is it Time for You to Make a Change??

As I look out the window in my office, I am enjoying the early signs of autumn in northern California.  It is my favorite time of year.  The mornings are crisp and cool, the sun shines brightly, skies are deep blue, and the lower angle of the sun in October tends to give everything a golden hue.  The leaves are turning color. The chestnuts are on the ground.  I know that all is well with mother nature.  Autumn, after all, is a time of change, a time of transition.

It behooves us to embrace this season of the year and to consider whether it is time for a personal transition of some kind.  Is it time to give up a behavior or habit which does not
serve us well?  Perhaps it is time to take on something new, some new responsibility at work or at home which will bring new positivity and opportunity into your life and relationships.  The “juice of life” comes not from hiding out in what is familiar, but in taking on new risks, accepting new challenges, doing things differently.

As the transition to autumn is manifesting itself, spend 20 minutes alone in silent contemplation, in a quiet room with no distractions.  Or, go for a walk alone amidst the fall color, hike your favorite trail alone. Listen for that dim, small voice that is your inner wisdom.  Think about what transition you would like to begin making in your life.  What specific new thing, activity, or behavior, if done well and consistently, would make your life a better place to hang out?

If something does come to mind, write it down.  Be specific, make it measureable, when will you start, and who will hold you accountable?  Then, send me a short statement of your fall transition plan so the two of us can work together to build support for you as you move toward this new goal!

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